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Lucie started stitching during the COVID lock down of 2020, making masks, tote bags, and dresses for her two year old niece.  She was then taught how to patchwork and quilt by her aunt, an avid quilter.  Always having a passion for style, fashion, and sustainability, Lucie fell in love with upcycling, patchwork and design, finding creative ways of reworking existing textiles.  She utilizes pockets in her designs to give those who wear women's clothing more storage and utility. Lucie strives to always use natural fibers and limit as much waste as possible in the design and production processes. 

In addition to designing and making, Lucie is also an educator who has a passion for teaching the next generation how to sew.  Sewing is a lost skill that is coming back with renewed emphasis on sustainability and creativity. Lucie believes that skill and knowledge in product design and construction will limit the conspicuous consumption that has escalated our climate crisis. 


Cutting Jeans
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